Unique Personalised Gifts

Wooden Personalised Gifts For All Ages and Occasions

What is the meaning of the word Unique? The official meaning of the word unique is ‘being the only one of its kind’ or without an equal or equivalent, unparalleled.

There are a number of searches using the word ‘unique’ when looking for personalised gifts and our wooden keepsake and memory boxes are unique as  Read’s Creations design the boxes and nobody else designs them  like we do, therefore, they can definately be called unique. A number of our keepsake boxes have hand painted wooden decorations and each one is different so they are also extremely unique.  Our Solid Oak Keepsake and Memory Boxes are handmade in the UK and each one is unique each one ‘being the only one of its kind’.

What is the meaning of the word Personalised? The official meaning of the word personalised is ‘made for or directed or adjusted to a particular individual’.

At Read’s Creations we love to personalise our boxes to your exact requirements with a name or names, personal message plate, photos on the lid, wooden engraved nameplates, there are so many different options.  There is a wide range of sizes and designs of wooden storage keepsake boxes and they make perfect unique personalised gifts for all ages and occasions.

In America the spelling of personalised changes to personalized and this can be confusing within the UK as more and more people are using the ‘z’ when searching for personalised gifts.

We all know what gifts or presents means and we all love them and if the gift or present is personalized or personalised (whichever version you prefer!), it feels extra special, because it is just for you.

Our range of Unique Personalised Wooden Keepsake Box Gifts includes:-

Personalised Gifts for Adults and Children

Our keepsake boxes for adults and children come in a variety of designs.  A handpainted wooden embellishment and the name of your choice on the front of the box completes the beautiful boxes.  Available in White, Pink or Blue the colours available for the embellishments are Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Purple, Gold, Silver, Lime Green and Pink.  The royal blue flowers with a butterfly look very pretty on the pale blue box although you can choose your own colour combinations.

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Really lovely personalized gift ideas for your Mum, an older child or for her on a special birthday or just to show her that you care.

Boys Unique Gifts Personalised with the name of your choice or General Storage Keepsake Boxes

Our general, or boys wooden memory boxes, can be personalised with an engraved wooden nameplate or with the name on the front of the box.  Our general boxes comes in  painted versions available in blue, violet, black or white and rustic pine or natural pine waxed versions. They are fitted with a lid stay and come with the option to lock it with a  hasp and staple and combination padlock.

Large enough to use as a small toy box or a box for football programmes, memorabilia, or as a memory box to lock away items securely they are an ideal birthday present as a box to keep special toys safe from an over active sibling or as a keepsake box if you have a lot of memories to store.

Unique Personalised Baby Gifts

Gifts for new baby boys and girls, the wooden keepsake boxes are available in Blue, Pink or White. Beautifully made and fitted with a lid stay and clasp and painted in non toxic water based paint.  A lovely smooth finish for our decorative illustrations and personalised with the name of your choice.  The Baby keepsake boxes are fitted with a wooden frame on the inside lid for your favourite baby photograph.  A lovely gift idea for the Mum to be, Christening present, Baptism gifts.  There is an option of a special silver metal message plate for the inside of the lid to add that extra special personalisation.

New Born Baby Gifts for a Girl

Personalised Solid Oak Keepsake Boxes for MenSolid Oak Wooden Keepsake or Memory Box or our Black Painted Keepsake Boxes personalised with initials.

Our beautifully crafted solid oak wooden keepsake or memory boxes are handmade locally in the UK. A lovely large size to store the family history, important documents and fitted with a compartment tray for all those small trinkets.  The men are often left out and there are not many personalised gifts that are unique  and available which are a suitableas a man’s birthday gift.

Lockable Oak Keepsake or Memory Box

Our Oak boxes are a very thoughtful way of showing your partner that you love them, with the option to add a silver metal personal message plate on the inside of the lid they make a very appropriate gift.  A gift you can hand down from generation to generation and personalised with an engraved wooden nameplate on the front of the box. This unique gift will last for many many years. If you are looking for an  Anniversary personalised gift, have the two names engraved on the nameplate and add a special message plate with the Anniversary date and number of years married.   What a delightful thought.

**Personalised Black Wooden Keepsake Boxes personalised with initials in Gold (Large enough to store A4 Documents)***

Men are always very difficult to buy a gift for and for special birthdays a present that lasts is always preferred.  Our Black Wooden Keepsake Storage Boxes, peronsalised with  initials or name, is such a useful present for a man to keep all his ‘trinkets’ and documents stored safely and all in one place.  Yes, Men do have trinkets or perhaps we should call them cufflinks, pens, certificates etc. More Personalised Gifts for Men

Personalised Gifts for Men

In Loving Memory Boxes –  Bereavement Memory Boxes

Wooden Extra Large Pine Personalised Decorative Keepsake or Memory Boxes

When you have lost a loved one as a baby, a child or an adult we all know how important it is to keep all those precious memories of your time together safely.  Our Wooden Bereavement Memory Boxes are available in different sizes and styles to suit your particular requirements.  Having send out one of our natural pine memory boxes recently decorated with Pink Butterflies and a wooden engraved plaque with the name and a special message, they are large enough to store all those special memories.  The option to secure the box with a lockable hasp and staple with lock keeps everything safe and secure. We would be delighted to design a special baby box for you to make it extra special with personal details on the front and, possibly, a verse or poem on the lid.