Godchild Christening Gifts

As a Godparent it is often difficult to know which present to buy for your goddaughter or godson.  To be a Godmother or Godfather is an honour and your Godchild will remember you for their life.  If your goddaughter or godson is in trouble or need somebody to talk to they should be confident that you will be there to talk to them.

White Large Keepsake Box Personalised with Name

Our godchild christening gifts can be personalised with a special message from their godparents for them to refer to during their years of growing up. Christening or Baptism Gifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes although many will not be useful or long lasting and many won’t be remembered.

Solid Oak Keepsake Box with Engraved Nameplate

Our Christening and Baptism gifts for your godchild, goddaughter or godson are wooden, personalised with an engraved plaque with the option of having a silver metal plate with a special message on the inside of the lid.  They come in Solid Oak, Natural Pine, Rustic Pine or Painted White, Blue or Pink in a variety of prices and there is a christening or baptism box for boys and girls.

Personalised Baby Gift Set

If your Godchild is a young baby, older child or an adult at the time of their Christening or Baptism the various gifts of personalised wooden memory boxes will suit every age.  Our Oak boxes are presents that will become a family heirloom and can be handed down to their children in the future.


Our painted wooden christening memory boxes are available in White, Pink or Blue and personalised with the name of your choice.  They are available as a single box or in gifts sets which include a small keepsake box and a large keepsake box.

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